Cannabis Plant Types Used To Make CBD

Ignorance is never an excuse. It is your personal responsibility to educate yourself on the latest trends or updates especially if you suddenly find yourself wanting to try one for yourself. Curiosity is not a bad thing.

It only becomes one when you act on something rashly and just throw all your cautions to the wind. This is a fact when it comes to health and wellness. Anything that you take into your body can have a drastic impact on your health and well-being. There is no room for error if the one to suffer from that mistake is no one else but you. It is your call, after all.

Medical CBD is a household name these days.
cannabis oil
You have likely heard about it discussed seriously or mentioned randomly in recent years and for good reason. It has captured the attention of the public as a sort of new medical wonder because of the various benefits it offers. Health-wise, medical CBD is a new favorite. People take it because of word-of-mouth. Even radical doctors openly prescribe it to their patients who qualify for such a novel yet natural way of medical treatment.

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We are not new to cannabis. It has been around for centuries and it was likewise used in different ways by our ancestors. It has served a lot of purposes but it was only in the past century when its use has become widely controversial.

The stigma attached to marijuana (how cannabis was formerly known) can’t be easily erased from people’s mind but cannabis has done a good job of changing people’s mindset with the raving reviews it keeps on getting from people all over the globe. What people need to understand to finally free themselves from any prejudice involving cannabis is that not all types are bad, like with everything else. There is a good and perhaps bad type, so you need to acquaint yourself to medical CBD more if you want to maximize its health-saving potential rather than just merely exploit it for the fun and escape it offers.

If you are suffering from certain types of ailments that can be helped by medical CBD, it does not stop there. Educate yourself and find out all the essentials before introducing the substance into your body.

You may be aware by now that there are two main types of medical CBD strains: Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Different cannabis hybrids are made from these varieties.

cannabis sativa

  • Pure Sativa

This pure strain is a challenge to grow and cultivate, which is fine considering it is not ideal for medical purposes. Due to its psychogenic properties, it can trigger paranoia and cause your heart to beat erratically like when you’ve drunk so much coffee. It is not entirely bad, though, since pure Sativa breeds can help you overcome fatigue and depression and improve the appetite especially if you constantly suffer from nausea and vomiting.

  • Hybrid Sativa Dominant

This is a crossbreed of sativa and indica varieties but with sativa as the more dominant type. Since it is not entirely made of cannabis sativa, the paranoia is reduced and you can liken the sensation to smoking during the day. It gives you an energetic and uplifting feeling, helping you recover from depression and promotes a healthy appetite that is common among depressed individuals.

  • Pure Indica

Not commonly found in the Northern hemisphere, Pure Indica strains are considered to have the most relaxing, sedating, and pain-relieving properties. If you are constantly suffering from severe pain, this type is of most help and can even help you get a good night’s sleep as it can combat the woes of insomnia. Medical experts are finding more use of this cannabis type in promoting health and beating different sickness.

  • Hybrid Indica Dominant

Alongside the pure indica type, this hybrid type is one of the most sought after in the medical field because of its beneficial properties. The majority of medical CBD sold in the market is of this type, which is pretty understandable given both cannabis growers and consumers like this type so much. It generally has a higher CBD content and found to be helpful in fighting insomnia, recover from an injury, or basically fight inflammation.

  • Ruderalis

This type is independent of cannabis sativa and cannabis indica since it is a different plant strain on its own. It is relatively low in THC, so it is rarely used for recreational purposes. It is also a rich source of CBD and a good choice if you intend on trying medical CBD and this strain is available in your area.

Unlike the other cannabis types, it is not as widely used but that is set to change as the cannabis industry continues to grow and the demand for CBD oil keeps on growing as well.
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You won’t be as harshly criticized by letting others know you resort to CBD oil for medical help today. Medical CBD has made a name for itself in science as a great potential adjunct treatment for certain ailments and even the public is also seeing it in a different light.

Testimonials from users show that CBD oil has real medical value. It is not something just made up and with enough proof to convince legislators to have it legalized in more states and counting. Given how toxic medicine has become lately, you can’t blame people from wanting to try a more natural approach to their health. A natural remedy like CBD oil shows more promise than traditional medicines that aren’t just pricey but with side effects that are often worse than the symptoms you are dealing with yourself.

The attention that CBD oil receives is a sign of better years to come.

As more people get interested in it, more studies will be conducted on it to better understand how CBD works and how its properties can be maximized to benefit human health. There is more to medical CBD than meets the eye but learning about the plant where it is derived from is crucial to putting the pieces together and becoming a more informed consumer who is about to make a major decision over your health and life.

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