Taking CBD For Back Pain – Which Brand Is Best?

Back pain and CBD can go hand in hand for many people.

If there is one thing that CBD oil is known for, it is its usefulness in helping individuals with chronic pain to feel better. This is despite the oil having over a dozen other important mind and health benefits including:

  • Cancer treatment
  • Anxiety reduction
  • The strengthening of the immune system
  • The treatment of insomnia
  • Anti-inflammatory action
  • The improvement of mental health
  • The improvement of heart health
  • Hormonal balancing
  • Mood improvement
  • The provision of the nutrition required for healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Basically, what we are saying is that there is no other oil like CBD oil in terms of the number of things it can help with but the number one thing that it is most known for is its work as a painkiller.

How Does Cannabidiol Work As A Painkiller?

Quite a number of studies have been done that have ascertained that cannabidiol can be used for chronic pain relief. The majority of studies have pointed out that it is the interaction with cannabidiol with the receptors in your immune system and your brain that brings about pain relief. Receptors are minute molecules (made of protein) that are bound to the surface of cells for the purpose of receiving communication signals and triggering cells to respond. Different types of communication signals or stimuli elicit different reactions from the receptors and their cells.

When the receptors interact with CBD, the effect is pain relief and anti-inflammatory action. The conclusion that many researchers have then come up with is that cannabidiol can help individuals suffering from chronic pain.

Several reviews have been to assess the efficiency of cannabidiol in the management of chronic pain. Most have concluded that the compound is very effective in managing pain and that brings about no severe pain relief.

Thus, most researchers have no doubts in their minds that CBD is a great medicine and that it can be used effectively for pain management. Nevertheless, no specific medicine has been approved anywhere in the Western World for use as a treatment for chronic back pain. This is thought to be mostly as a result of big pharmaceutical companies not being interested in making CBD medication because the substance is already available in plenty on market. In other words, big pharma don’t see the need to come up with another expensive drug product because the market already has so many alternatives.

This is one of those classic cases where small businesses have beat big businesses by getting into the market early and establishing dominance. However, regardless of this hopefully, someone is going to soon get a CBD syrup or oil approved for use as a chronic back pain medicine by the New Zealand Ministry of Health. Such a formalized drug could come with the specific dosing instruction based on your body weight and perhaps the level of pain you are feeling. It could definitely be a wonderful product.

Anyway, there are hemp CBD oil bottles that you can buy for now to use on your back pain. They are just like medicine but many have not been approved for use as medicine. Anyway, they do contain CBD, which is an important ingredient needed to treat chronic pain. Below, we list some of the most popular brands that people have used in the past to treat chronic and even acute pain. Apart from pain management, these brands are also known to be anti-inflammatory.

What Are The Best CBD Brands For Killing Pain And Why?

Below are the top five brands for pain:



Elixinol is one of the world’s leading hemp oil manufacturers. It is a very huge company that is traded at the Australian Stock Exchange. The company owns huge hemp farms in Australia and the US and all its products are made utilizing pharmaceutical-grade standards and equipment.

Why we included this particular product on our list:

  • Respira is a full-spectrum oil made of high-quality ingredients
  • Laboratory analyzed to see if CBD is present at a high enough concentration for a positive effect
  • Has no harmful ingredients that have been found in other oils
  • Can be taken sublingually (under the tongue) or as a food supplement
  • Labelled in the manner recommended by the NZ Ministry of Health



CBDPure is the trade name of an American company known as Nutra Pure LLC that is based in Vancouver, Washington state. The company uses some of the highest standards of potency, purity, and quality to manufacture its products. This is why most of its products are considered to be premium quality.

Why we included this particular product on our list:

  • Hemp Oil 100 is subjected to multiple third-party tests to ascertain cannabinoid profile and the absence of pesticide traces or microbes
  • Made from Colorado-grown hemp plants
  • 100% free of artificial ingredients
  • Powerful painkiller



The mission of this Arizona-based hemp oil manufacturer is to bring quality hemp products to the market. PureKana is best known for its online clearance sales during which it sells its hemp products at rock-bottom prices.

Why we included this particular product on our list:

  • Lab-tested for potency and safety
  • Has no THC
  • No chemical pesticides, additives, or fertilizers
  • Unflavored and organic
  • Available in a variety of potencies including a 1000mg bottle



Green Roads is an American CBD products manufacturer that is most famous for its pharmacist formulated cannabidiol oils. It is also one of the most trusted companies in the industry.

Why we included this particular product on our list:

  • It is made as a dietary supplement for easy and convenient administration
  • Handmade with great quality hemp plants
  • The bottle comes with a calibrated dropper for measured quantities
  • Made in the USA

cbd oil



CW CBD Hemp OIL New Zealand is the company behind this product. This company is the New Zealand branch of an American company known as Charlotte’s Web that was one of the first companies to be nationally recognized for its powerful painkilling and seizure-stopping supplements:

Why we included this in our list:

  • Very powerful
  • Can be used every day
  • Helps maintain balance and to improve wellness
  • Manufactured in the USA from USA grown hemp
  • FDA registered production facility
  • Can be shipped to any address in New Zealand at a flat rate of only 10 NZD


CBD can help with pain management and several other body and mind issues. Check out the list above to find the most powerful brands for pain management and why they are on our list.

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