Highland Pharms CBD Oil Review

Highland Pharms is an American manufacturer of hemp products. This company is based in the city of Olympia in Washington. It is best known for making a variety of hemp products that are quite affordable and for its many different promos that you can take advantage of to get quality products at cheaper prices.

What Makes This Company Stand Out?

The things that stand out for Highland Pharms are many. This is perhaps why it is one of the fastest growing hemp oil manufacturers in the United States. The things that stand out include:

  • It is an American manufacturer. This means that it adheres to the standards set in that very mature CBD oil market.
  • It has great discounts. The more items you buy on Highland Pharms, the higher your discount will be.
  • Highland Pharms displays test results. This company tests all its products for quality both internally and through independent labs. This is to assure users like you that the products are of great quality and have no issues.
  • A wide variety of CBD products. On this company’s website, you will find CBD tinctures, vape oils, gummies, and hemp oils. The oils are also available in a variety of flavours and concentrations.
  • The products sourced by this company are of extremely great quality. This is because they are organic and non-GMO.
  • Extremely low pricing. Compared to the prices of the cannabis oils being prescribed by doctors in NZ, Highland Pharms sells most of its products at very low prices. This is the case even after adding shipping charges.
  • This company provides free shipping to all customers in the US (not so useful for Kiwis but Americans checking out this site can benefit from this information).

The Not-so-good

To present to you a fair review, we thought it was necessary to also do a thorough background check on this company to find out the things that are not-so-good about it. Here is what we found out.

  • Some of the oils sold by the company have a bitter taste. We noticed from the reviews we checked and from interviews with our friends who have used the product that some of Highland Pharms tinctures have a bitter taste. However, we do understand that this may be due to the fact that the oils have no sweeteners or additives which is a good thing to some.

Highland Pharms’ Bestselling Products

Four of this brand’s bestselling products include:



Highland Pharms hemp capsules are extremely easy to take. This is because they are soft gel capsules. Each capsule has 25 mg of full-spectrum hemp oil meaning that it is powerful and has everything for full body therapeutic benefits.

The process used by Highland Pharms to extract hemp oil from industrial hemp plants is known as the super-critical process. This process ensures that all the beneficial molecules within hemp oil are not destroyed during extraction.

You can take these capsules for back pain, joint pain, anxiety, and even fibromyalgia. However, you should first consult your family GP before doing so.



This company’s hemp oil drops are some of the most potent ones you will find online. They are potent because they’ve got a high concentration of CBD. However, they are only potent in the right way and do not cause drowsiness or euphoria.

The hemp used to make this product is Colorado grown which means that its quality is assured.

Every ingredient used to make this oil is natural meaning that the oil is safe because it has no harmful synthetic ingredients found in other oils.



Whether you are new to vaping or you are pro, you will certainly love CHILL. This vape oil is a light floral and spicy aroma that excites the nostrils and the lungs and will calm you down like nothing else.

The oil is made of thick oil with high CBD concentration which means it lasts longer and that it provides therapeutic benefits such as anxiety relief and chronic pain relief. In addition to cannabidiol, this oil also has another useful hemp oil ingredient known as linalool which is a great sedative.

So taking this vape oil will do you a whole lot of good especially if you are stressed or you’ve got some sort of chronic pain.

cannabis plant



This product comes with 20 pieces of natural hemp gummies. They are tasty and easy to take. So if you have always been complaining about the bitter taste of hemp oils, this is the product you should get.

Each gummy in this pack has 10 mg cannabidiol making it potent but not so overwhelming. Some say that they can be given to children to treat pain.

How To Save Money On Highland Pharms Products

  • You can pay less for Highland Pharms products by shopping the company’s SALE products. Some of the hemp and cannabidiol products on sale are listed at rock-bottom prices.
  • You can also save by going for their gummy products instead of CBD tinctures because they gummies are always cheaper.
  • You can also save by buying more. For example, buying two bottles of hemp oil instead of one gets you a five percent

What Reviewers Are Saying Online

We Googled, browsed Reddit forums, looked at public Facebook posts, skimmed blog posts, and read long reviews by people from across the globe who have used Highland Pharms products before to find out their general feel about the products. In general, on a scale of one to ten, the brand was given a score of eight. The reasons for this high rating include the organic and ethical sourcing of raw materials, the use of pharmaceutical-grade equipment to make CBD oil, the quality assurance methods used, and the low pricing of products. The few negative comments we saw about the company related to the bitter taste of some of its pure CBD tinctures. However, considering that the tincture is made on an unadulterated plant extract, the bitter taste is kind of expected/ explainable.

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