Kat’s Botanicals CBD Oil Review

Kat’s Botanicals was founded in 2013 by Justin Kats. He founded the company with the objective of providing people around the globe with CBD and Kratom products to help them regain their lives and enjoy the things they used to do before.

This company sources its products from pre-verified farmers and tests all raw materials it receives before processing them into the perfect natural medicines. Apart from CBD oil, Kat’s Botanicals also manufactures and sells other potent natural herbs such as Shilajit and Kratom. However, in this section, we focus solely on the company’s CBD oil business.

Read on to find out every important thing you need to know about Kat’s Botanicals.

What Makes This Company Stand Out?

If you have been buying hemp products for some time now or you googled about CBD last year or last year but one, then you must have probably come across Kat’s Botanicals. This is because it is one of the oldest hemp oil manufacturers in the US. The fact that this company has been around for long means that it has had the time to learn from its mistakes and make even finer products. This is perhaps the reason why Kat’s Botanicals is also one of the leading hemp oil manufacturers in the United States. Other things that make this company unique include:

  • It subjects all its products to several tests to check if the potency levels are acceptable based on its standards and if the products have any potentially harmful impurities. This is one of the things that makes this company unique.
  • The company has a noble goal which is to help people access great quality health products that can help them to live their best lives.
  • Kat’s Botanicals releases coupons regularly. The coupons can be used to get discounts from the website when shopping for some of its more expensive, higher-concentration cannabis oil tinctures.
  • A fast customer care service. Probably no other CBD company’s responds to queries as fast as Kat’s Botanicals CBD. However, if you are asking a question from New Zealand, you will have to take into account the time difference so as to get a more accurate estimate of when you will be getting a response.
  • Product variety. Katsbotanicals.com carries a great variety of products including full-spectrum oils and even Kratom for those who want a different kind of pain-killer.
  • Great packaging and branding. No other manufacturer packages its products as well as Kat’s Botanicals.

The Not-so-good

  • Some say that this company’s products are sold at extremely high prices. Nonetheless, prices are always subjective. What one may consider expensive another may not consider expensive.
  • Kat’s Botanicals does not offer discounts based on quantity.

Kat’s Botanicals’ Bestselling Products

Three of this brand’s bestselling products include:


This formulation is particularly meant for vaping. It provides a smooth ‘hit’ that calms and makes everything slow down to the level you are most comfortable with.
It comes with a good concentration of premium quality cannabidiol. The type that will give you the clarity and the peace you seek.
It is available in two exciting aromas – strawberry flavour and vanilla flavour. Take your pick now to discover the superior quality of a premium quality hemp vape oil.
P.S.: You should never take vape oil under the tongue.

cannabidiol compound



The HEMP OIL by Kat’s Botanical is a thing of beauty. There is nothing not to love about this oil. First, it is available in two concentrations: 500 mg and 1000 mg. Both these potencies can deliver great physical and therapeutic benefits.

Second, it is made of natural ingredients that are free of pesticides and synthetic chemicals

Third, it is processed in a manner that makes it legal in many countries around the world including New Zealand.

Lastly, this hemp oil acts quickly. Within a couple of minutes, its effects will be evident. You will feel the relief and experience all the goodness that you can expect from a proper CBD oil.



These gummies are not just a delicious and convenient way of taking your CBD, they are also powerful supplements for improving your general wellbeing. This is because they are made of full-spectrum hemp oil with all the important therapeutic ingredients.

The company advises its customers to take one to two gummies only per day. Each gummy will deliver a good 10 mg of cannabidiol in your system meaning that all the gummies in the pack are therapeutically active and useful.

Finally, these gummies are the most affordable way to take CBD on this site.

How To Save Money On Kat’s Botanicals Products

  • Customers can save on Kat’s Botanicals products by using the company’s coupon codes. There are usually plenty available on the homepage itself.
  • They can also save by buying products that are on sale. When a product is on sale on this website, its price usually goes significantly low compared to the so-called sales on other websites with only a 5% or 10% drop in prices.
  • This company has a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. What this means is that if you have used a product and it hasn’t given you the benefits you were expecting, you can get a full refund from the company. You simply have to contact them.

What Reviewers Are Saying Online

According to the information we have reviewed online about Kat’s Botanicals, the company is held in high regard by many people who have used its natural products. Quite a number of people are in agreement that its CBD oils are some of the most powerful ones they have ever used. In our examinations of the reviews, we did not see many complaints about taste as is usually the case with CBD oils that are potent. However, we did find a handful of complaints about the pricing of products. Nevertheless, compared to the CBD oils prescribed by doctors in NZ, the prices are still really low even if you factor in shipping and customs.

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