CBD Oil In The Wellington Area – Legal Rules And Purchasing

Wellington; New Zealand’s Capital City

Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city and the most cultural city in the entire country. This is despite that fact that it is not even the largest city in the nation (the largest if Auckland). If you are a strong and healthy guy, you will enjoy the many things to do in Wellington. You can visit the national museum of New Zealand, you can go experience the Wellington Botanic Garden, you can see what Zealandia Park has to offer, or you can take the Wellington cable car to experience the city in all its splendour. The 19th century wooden St. Paul’s cathedral is one of the other places that you should probably have on your itinerary. If you are a rugby man or woman then you should probably also set some time aside to see a Hurricanes or Wellington Lions match at Westpac Stadium. You will be thrilled beyond measure.

All these places to visit and things to do, you can only do them if you are strong and healthy. If your mood is down, you’ve got some chronic pain, you’ve got insomnia or any other health problem, you probably won’t enjoy all the good things that this striking city has to offer. The fact that you are on this page, means you are looking for one of the best solutions in the business for ill-health and that is none other than CBD aka cannabidiol. If so, then you will find all the best places to buy CBD oil in Wellington in our list below. And let us assure you one thing, whatever sickness you are suffering from CBD can probably be of very good help to you because one of the things it does is that it strengthens the immune system making your body stronger and better able to fight diseases.

Apart from strengthening your immune system, CBD can also make you pain-free. Some say it is a more powerful painkiller than most OTC drugs. Moreover, it can also de-stress you and make you feel way less anxious. When cannabidiol is infused in hemp seed oil its effects are usually even much more powerful. Heck, you will even sleep like a baby if you take CBD regularly.
cbd oil bottle
But be careful not to overdo it. Too much of cannabidiol in your system can cause your mouth to dry. It can also cause low blood pressure. Stomach upset may also happen. This is why it is important to always consult a medical professional before starting any kind of treatment.

CBD Laws In Wellington

Wellington does not have its own special set of laws for cannabidiol products. The same law that regulates the use of cannabis nationwide is the one that applies to Wellington. That law is the Misuse of Drugs Amendment Regulations 2017. This law bans the use of THC. In other words, all CBD oils made from marijuana/ cannabis are illegal according to this law. Possession of CBD with THC could attract a jail term because it will be considered as if you were found in possession of marijuana.

However, if your oil is made from hemp then that is another case altogether. This is because hemp does not have THC. In fact, the NZ Ministry of Health does allow the importation of hemp products into the country to be used as food sources. It also allows the importation of CBD as medication in the country. What is even better is that New Zealanders do not even need to get approval from the NZ Ministry of Health to get CBD from physicians.

Thus, you can buy hemp oil from any place you want at any time as long as the hemp is being sold in a legal manner.

Where To Buy CBD In Wellington

There are several places in Wellington where you can grab some good quality bottles of CBD oil. See the places below and choose that which is most convenient for you.

Commonsense Wellington City

  • LOCATION: 260 Wakefield Street
  • Te Aro, Wellington
  • 6011

Commonsense Wellington City is one of the most visited organic food stores in the city. The store also happens to stock plenty of home-made remedies including hemp oil formulations. You can get your hemp from this store and see for yourself how much more potent organic hemp products are compared to non-organic hemp products. However, when using homemade remedies, you should take a very small amount at first as you never know the concentration.

Health 2000 Lower Hutt Queensgate

  • LOCATION: Westfield Queensgate,
  • Lower Hutt, Wellington
  • 5010

Health 2000 is a renowned natural foods and supplements store with locations throughout the country. This Wellington location stocks a variety of hemp oil products that you can use to address a variety of bodily problems (both internal and external).

FutureHealth NZ Limited

  • LOCATION: Wellington-based online business

FutureHealth NZ Limited is an online based shop that sells awesome quality hemp oil products. According to this company’s website, their hemp oil products could make a huge positive difference for you if you are suffering from skin problems, nerve pain, joint pain, or arthritis. From this information, you know the kind of benefits to expect when you shop this company’s products.


  • LOCATION: New Zealand online store

CW HEMP OIL NZ is a New Zealand online store that sells hemp oil throughout the country. The company is associated with the American CW HEMP OIL company that is renowned for manufacturing the purest and most potent hemp oils in the world. It seemingly buys its products from the American company and imports them to NZ for shipment. You will find a good variety of hemp CBD oils at this online store. Oils for different kinds of beneficial uses.

International CBD Vendors Shipping To Wellington


This brand is a leader in the hemp oil industry. It makes all its products in accredited facilities in Australia and the United States. Elixinol oils are available in various flavors and are quite affordable.

And in addition to making hemp oil remedies, this brand is also involved in making legal cannabis medicines.

Among the many things that make this brand outstanding, the fact that it uses state of the art facilities and equipment is the most impressive.

Hundreds of thousands of people buy this brand’s products every year. So it is definitely a popular brand that you can trust.

Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Sequoia founded this company a couple of years back to make premium quality but affordable hemp oils.

From its small beginnings, Lazarus Naturals is now a leader in the hemp oil business. The company makes quality hemp oils with zero THC but high concentrations of CBD.

The oils are made from hemp plants cultivated in places like Colorado where they are tightly regulated by the state government.

You will find this company’s oils to be less bitter than majority of hemp oils currently available on the market.


Wellington is fantastic. To enjoy the amenities, the wonderful places to visit, and the exciting things to do in this city, you should be healthy. To be healthy get yourself CBD oil from one of the stores mentioned above. Cannabidiol/ hemp oil is a powerful remedy that will not disappoint you.

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